Thursday, December 30, 2010


So long 2010.  I hope everyone has made a long list of new years resolutions. Or at least one. This is my list. 

Read six books. This may not seem like a lot to many people, but I have been working on the same book for about four months now. So six seems like a good goal.
Learn French. Those two years in high school don't really count.
Tell people how I feel. Sometimes this is a problem for me. But I'm working on it.
Pay off all of my parking tickets, car, and credit cards. Less clothes, more bills.
Become a vegan. This is my most far fetched resolution. I am a vegetarian, but I love cheese. 

Thats it. Simple, yet realistic.
I hope 2011 brings amazing times, endeavors, friendshipssuccesses, and memories. 
It will be over before we know it.
Best of luck.

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  1. great resolutions! happy new year :)