Thursday, December 23, 2010

lets hear it for the girls.

Lets give a little more recognition to female musicians.
 I feel like so many are under rated or unrecognized. 
Here are a few of my favorites. 

regina spektor.
A russian songer/songwriter/pianist.
She has the most amazing voice and witty lyrics.

 maria mena.
This Norwegian pop-artist has an amazing story to tell.
You may remember her single "You're the Only One" circa 2004. Maybe not.

 ingrid michaelson.
You've probably heard this nerdy indie-pop singer/songwriter on various television shows and had the song stuck in your head for days. Just buy her album already.

 alanis morisette.
Even though she's not so relevant anymore, Jagged Little Pill plays in my car on a weekly basis. It's like teen angst, but for women.

 tegan & sara.
My favorite Canadian indie rock twins. With the catchiest beats, most relatable lyrics, and those distinguishable voices, they are simply the best.

hayley williams.
Hayley proves that little girls can rock. And she keeps getting better. I hope Paramore stays together forever.


zooey deschanel.
Wow, an actress turned musician scenario that isn't disastrous. Listening to She & Him (made up of Zoeey and M. Ward) just warms my little heart. She also gets bonus points for being married to musical genius, Ben Gibbard. 

Former vocalist and pianist of indie-pop quartet, The Hush Sound, Greta recently began a solo project, Gold Motel. She just has the sweetest voice.

gwen stefani.
No explanation necessary. All I have to say is that I can not wait for the new No Doubt album to come out next year. It has been far too long.

florence welch.
Better known as Florence + the Machine, this Brit has such an amazingly powerful voice. Her unique sound and style is so refreshing. Brilliant Florence, just brilliant.

 meg & dia frampton.
Some may call them a sweeter version of Tegan & Sara, but there should be no comparison between these two completely different artists. The sisters plus three additional band members create Meg & Dia's angelic and harmonic sound. 

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