Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I went to Seattle last month for a little break from the hustle bustle of LA. Spent nearly all of my time in a coffee shop, vintage store, or movie theatre. It was pure bliss.

 Its official. My favorite part of Seattle has to be Fremont. This eclectic neighborhood has the best vintage shopping, uber friendly people, great unknown boutiques, and in true Seattle fashion, too many coffee shops to count.

 I didn't know that leaves actually turned these colors.

Just one of the many interesting things I stumbled upon in Fremont. Pretty cool huh?

Their two necks are so close to making the shape of a heart. If only I had snapped it a little quicker. I found these two guys just wandering around the neighborhood.

I would love to say that this shot was snapped at an amazing pumpkin patch with apple cider and hay rides and happy families and pecan pie. The truth is it's just in front of a local grocery store. Don't tell.

Being from Arizona, I find dressing for cold weather quite rewarding. Corduroys, hats, scarves, mittens, thick socks - it's all like dress up to me. So you can imagine my delight when gathering warm clothes for my Seattle trip. However, most of my warm clothes ended up in my lap or suitcase. Seems the California sunshine followed me to Washington.

This is the cutest antique store that I have seen in a long time. Not that I was surprised to find such a thing in Seattle, but the prices and knick knacks were amazing.

This boat is the home of a fortune teller.

Chicken? Rooster? Hen? Whichever you prefer. Becuase I'm really not too sure.

The little girl in me. I had to.

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