Friday, November 26, 2010

blogs i love.

Number one. The rockstar diaries. This is just the life of naomi, her husband josh, and their bulldog kingsley. But i take such joy reading it every day. I think you will too.

Number two. Liebe Marlene has great photography and the greatest vintage looks. The best part is you can shop. Many of the pieces photographed are for sale at their online store through Etsy.

Number three. The Cherry Blossom Girl, aka Alix, is a French blogger. She is always traveling to a new destination and takes amazing photographs of other cultures' art, food, scenery, and fashion. She also has a great classic style herself.

Number four. Miss Pandora. I love this girl. It's mainly a fashion blog, but is far more artistic than most. Rather than snapping a quick picture of her outfit, she makes it into a photoshoot often inspired by other works of art. The outcome typically looks more like an editorial spread rather than a fashion blog.

Number five. Alma Luna. Another French blogger. I kind of wish I was French. Or at least lived in Paris. I love Alma because she just seems like a normal girl documenting her life and great fashion sense. She doesn't try too hard or wear expensive clothing, which I so appreciate. Oh, and she is kind of really beautiful.

Number six. Cocorosa. A free spirited, sometimes strange fashion blogger from Holland, Chantal, always has the most unique pieces that she pairs together in totally unexpected ways. It's just fun and quirky. Be sure to watch her video, it cracks me up.

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